LidlBillionaire is a multidisciplinary artist working across fine art, fashion and experiential events. Talented in various mediums from print to millinery, her work has graced art exhibitions around London, supported designer collections at London Fashion week and included in print editorial. 


Created in one line.

Connecting her meditative practices and creativity, her work is free-flow and often finishes with no targeted end-goal.

For Elegant Magazine.

Trans Activist Munroe Bergdorf styled by LidlBillionaire for Elegant Magazine Cover Shoot

Experiential Visual Art

Immersive creative experiences. Watch as the piece is created and comes alive with projections.

Jake Hold for Kaltblut

Styled by LidlBillionaire

Inspired by and created in transit.

Always wanting to create, LidlBillionaire uses transit time to freeflow new linear pieces.

Changing aesthetics.

LidlBillionaire is proud to support the Radical Beauty Project, changing attitudes towards and the perceived aesthetics of those with Downs Syndrome.

From Musicians to the Royal Wedding

Inventive, beautiful and attention-grabbing headwear.

Undeniably engaging and cartoon in aesthetic 

Indulging her acute sense of wonderment and playfulness.

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