LidlBillionaire is a multidisciplinary artist working across fine art, fashion and experiential events. Talented in various mediums her work has graced art exhibitions around London, installations at London Fashion week including print editorial. 


With her creative background spanning millinery, styling as well as Reiki and meditation her work is free flowing, spontaneous and rooted in a grounded originality. Connecting her creativity and mindfulness her work is unrestrained and often finishes with no targeted endgoal. This is an example of the connection to her inner confidence and free spirit as an illustrator/maker and artist. 


Her art has been exhibited in galleries all around London including a solo show in Covent Garden “A-Mazing - Endell Street Gallery”, she is known for her freestyle line drawings created using one continuous line. Undeniably engaging and cartoon in aesthetic LidlBillionarie’s pieces are regularly compared to the legendary artist Keith Haring and widely collected do their innate lightheartedness with an acute sense of wonder and playfulness. 


“I never know what’s going to come out until I start drawing, I can’t explain it, it’s like a beautiful stream of consciousness that just pours out of me. It’s often exciting for me as well…I never really know what’s going to come out with the mazes, they just flow in one continuous line until they are a finished piece and then I can look at it and see what I’ve done.” - LidlBillionaire on her maze drawings. 


Past Clients, Collectors and Collaborators have included Trans Activist Munroe Bergdorf for Elegant Magazine, Jake Hold for Kaltblut Magazine, London Fashion Week, Karen Millen, ASOS, Patron, and many more.